What a bizarre year eh?

From the head scratching of Brexit and Trump to the downright sadness we all felt with the loss of Lemmy, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Pete Burns, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher.

2016, you sucked.

So here's to a bright happy and prosperous 2017.


Our Faces Raised In Adoration

Our Faces Raised In Adoration

Paris, Summer 2016.

You can rent sports cars for something like 100 Euro for 10 mins. Ignoring the daylight robbery for a second, the streets of Paris are exactly the worst place to try this out. If you could get above 15 MPH I'd be surprised.


Little Red Corvette

Quite simply, the best song he ever wrote. This live version has an extended intro, and if you're as much of an 80s synth fan as I am, it will tickle your fancy. Enjoy.

Update: original video taken down. Updated with another version I found.

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Rogue One

In short, it's fantastic. Go see it immediately. The last 5 mins of the movie worth the price of admission alone.

I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan and must have watched A New Hope 70+ times as a kid. Like most of my generation, I was excited beyond belief when The Phantom Menace was announced. Yeah, about that. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover how we all felt about those.

With a "fool me once…" mindset I was cautiously optimistic going to see The Force Awakens. And I loved it. Similarities to A New Hope aside, it completely restored my faith in the SW universe. That same optimism carried over to Rogue One yesterday. I was blown away. A darker, more war movie like story that just worked on every level.

How does it rate in the canon?

A New Hope
Rogue One
The Force Awakens
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi
Clone Wars
Revenge Of The Sith
Attack Of The Clones
Phantom Menace

Update: now with 100% more Force Awakens.


Year In Music

"Hey I wonder what Kevin listened to most in 2016" you didn't ask.

For the last 10 years I've been scrobbling everything that's come out of my headphones to last.fm. In that time I've amassed quite the treasure trove of listening statistics, habits, and taste. It's interesting to look back at the things you were into over the years. You can pinpoint when an album came out, or when you first discovered a band based on a sudden spike in activity during the year.

This year last.fm have done something cool and added an explore your year in music tool that sums up my year far better than I could. Of the 1,480 artists I listened to in 2016 Killing Joke were apparently my top listen. With their Pylon album coming out tops also. I had a 62 day listening streak, and had IAMX on repeat for an entire day back in February with 120 of his tracks played.

The amount of music I didn't listen to this year is tragic. Unless I listen in my sleep for the rest of the December, this year will mark the fewest songs I've listened to since last.fm became my brain. I still love music but since 2011 there's been a noticeable decline each year. Worrying. Age perhaps?

But it's not all about me. 2016 will forever be remembered as the year we lost so many industry pioneers. Who could have possibly predicted on New Year's Eve last year the planet would be missing Bowie, Lemmy, Prince, and Pete Burns within 12 months. (Of course you were as big a fan of Dead Or Alive's Youthquake album as I was in the 80s)

Next year has to be better. More listening, less death.

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