On Instagram

John Gruber commenting on the Techcrunch 'Instagram caught selling ads to follower buying services' report.

At the time Facebook acquired Instagram, Instagram was by far the nicest social media experience I’d seen. It is now quickly descending into a cesspool of crap — bad design, bad experience, way too many ads, and a haven for scammers. I fully expected Facebook to Facebook-ify Instagram, but it’s sad watching it happen.

While I'm not on Instagram myself, my wife is, and I do hear her complain almost daily about it. I'm not sure if she's more annoyed with the ads or the algorithmic timeline? Last night she went to show me a photo our nephew posted only to somehow lose the picture? Instagram had literally reshuffled her timeline in the space of a click back. Madness.

8 responses to “On Instagram”

  1. Adam Bowie says:

    100% this. Instagram reshuffles the deck all the time. So you're looking or about to look at something, you pop across to another app or to take a call, then come back and the deck has been entirely re-shuffled and all the photos you just saw have disappeared.

    Plus, there are *so many ads* on the service. Really frustrating.

    • kevin says:

      The ads, while annoying, would be ok (ish, kinda?) but the constant shuffling of the timeline is just utterly bonkers.

  2. martymankins says:

    This is the one main thing I loathe about Instagram… the constant reshuffle of pics at every possible occasion. Looking at a pic on IG, get a phone call, go back to leave a comment and the app has refreshed and shows nothing even close to the photo I was looking at 2 mins earlier.

  3. jake says:

    That shuffling of the timeline drives me batshit crazy. I know they do it to up their engagement numbers but it's a terrible end user experience.

    • kevin says:

      For me this wouldn't *increase* engagement, the opposite would be true. I'd be so utterly annoyed I'd just close the app and move on. I dunno their metrics must back up that people spend more time in app with the algorithmic timeline. But I'd be out.

  4. kapgar says:

    Ditto everyone else above. Reshuffling sucks. Even twitter has given us back our chronological timeline even if they won’t keep it turned on all the time.