I'm trying to imagine how this meeting went.

Manager: we need a name and artwork, something that not only says bread, but quality too.

Marketer: how about stuck in the 80s dude with a guitar? Let's call him Dave, and he makes killer bread yeah?


Manager: ship it!

2 responses to “Killer”

  1. Dave2 says:

    Actually… this is what happens when a marketer is NOT consulted! Dave Dahl was in and out of prison for years (and is rumored to be in prison again?). The company was eventually sold, so Dave and his brothers are no longer involved, though they still employ ex-cons at the factory in Oregon. There's a cool online comic which tells the story (though it needs to be updated):

    • kevin says:

      Heh, I had no idea about that back story. When I saw you'd commented I thought you were gonna say the Dave in question was you.