Hot Hot Hot

Seeing the temperatures in Europe this week boggles my mind. 38°C in England is madness. They're just not equipped to deal with it. Here in Phoenix the summers can be a bit brutal, this weekend it will be 45°C/113°F.

But you can't really compare the two. Everywhere here has A/C. You go from cold car to cold building. Every room in every house has ceiling fans. And the heat is "a dry heat" as we have no humidity*.

None of that is true in England. I remember a few years back we were visiting my parents and went to Cambridge for the day during a hot English summer. We were dying and had to leave a sweltering shop and go into Mark's & Spencer just to get some A/C. I can't imagine walking around outside this week in Cambridge.

Sending hugs across the pond. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be inside next to the A/C vent.

* well except for the monsoon storms which bring the rains during July.

UPDATE 07/29 – and speaking of Cambridge, it was the hottest day ever recorded Last week.

4 responses to “Hot Hot Hot”

  1. kapgar says:

    I feel like Britons are complaining about the heat more and more in recent years despite global warming being fake news. Why aren’t fans and a/c units becoming more common?

    • kevin says:

      Probably the expense of adding in A/C for that 2 days of the year where it would be warranted. Just that when it is warranted, it's literally melting outside. 101°F in Cambridge last week is just utter madness.

  2. Jason Hall says:

    Because it’s still not the norm…we’ve had 2 days of constant biblical rain since the big blast earlier in the week

    • kevin says:

      Heh, yeah my Dad said he went down the Co-op at the weekend and it felt cold. All that madness in the space of a week. Crazy town.