It's colder here in the desert, foggy even. And that means everyone has their wood fireplaces going. Smells wonderful.

I take my daughter to school every day and I see "the kids" just have the left Apple Airpod in. Not both, because that wouldn't be cool, just one and it must be the left one.

Apple TV+ and Disney+ then. The Mandalorian and For All Mankind are the two standouts so far. The Morning Show is better than they say it is.

Americans sure like wings.

It's end of year list season. Could you tell?

And finally, England, what did you do?

One response to “Stream”

  1. martymankins says:

    I am really enjoying The Mandalorian. A very well made series so far. Still need to watch For All Mankind. The first few episodes of The Morning Show are good, but personally, it feels a bit too much in places like Aaron Sorkin has a hand in it. And that's with me liking Aaron Sorkin shows.

    As for England, I wept today. That Boris character is missing a lot of intelligence.