Tiny tiny grilling in full effect 2020. Bonus points for when that one hot dog on the end just rolls off the grill on to the floor.


RSS Is Still A Thing

As a RSS refugee from the olden times, I've used more aggregators than I can possibly remember. Most recently Reeder on top of feedbin and have been pretty happy with that setup for a few years.

But I got a bit bored with all that and wanted to give something else a try. Enter Tiny Tiny RSS.

Open source, self hosted web app with community themes. As long as you have a host and a DB, you point the installer at it, import your OPML file, add the cron job to crawl for updates and then it "just works".

Hey @kapgar, look what I'm reading.

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Recent Televisionary

There are more TV shows than you can possibly watch in your lifetime. Yet should you wish to try, here are some that I loved and you will too.

Hunters. It's 1970s New York, and we follow a band of Nazi hunters led by Al Pacino. Has a very Tarantino feel to it.

Fleabag. Recommended by friends, I had no idea what this was going to actually be about. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is just great in every way. After binge watching both seasons I could literally watch her give those looks to the camera all day long.

The Mandalorian. Want to see Dave Filoni make one of the best seasons, not only of Star Wars content, but sci-fi in general?

The Clone Wars. Want to see Dave do that again? Season 7, especially the ending four part arc, probably the best Star Wars content I've seen since The Empire Strikes Back.

The Expanse. Speaking of best sci-fi shows of all time, this is really up there with Battlestar Galactica. Even the disappointing big bad in season four can't sway my love of this. Beltalowda.

The Man In The High Castle. Alternate history timeline. What if the Germans won World War II and the US became the American Reich?