It's that time of the year where for a brief few hours the windows can remain open.  It's nice sipping coffee outside with the sound of birds instead of neighbors air conditioners humming.  And breathe.

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Springtime in Arizona. The Palo Verde tree in my front garden is blossoming nicely.

Now, I can't say what it is, but something that grows here my body doesn't like. I managed to avoid allergies growing up (or hay fever as it was known in England). But my eyes and nose run like mad in the spring here. And as I get older it seems to get slightly worse. Thankfully there are pills for all this that work like magic.

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Living In A Flyover State

Let's talk about concerts in Arizona. Or lack thereof. As the fifth largest city in America, Phoenix does get visited very often by bands. But usually they're the super popular ones, with lots of resources and backing. So what seems to happen more often than not is a band I love announce "a US tour" when really it's nothing of the sort. They'll play in New York, Boston, and then in LA and San Fransisco.

The rest of us get to watch as they flyover on their way to California.

Waves to the plane carrying the band I love.

In the last few weeks two bands from my youth that I never had the chance to see live announced US "tours". And have a guess what States are being visited? There's no way you'll guess New York and California..

Killing Joke are playing their 40th anniversary gigs. And for the first time in *mumble* years The The are playing live. But they're not visiting any of the flyover states. Which is a real bummer as I would love to see both of them.

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It's Like Thunder, Lightning

Just around sunset the clouds started to roll in. Nothing especially unusual about that in monsoon season, but what followed was…interesting.

The thunder got louder, the time between lightning flashes and the boom got less and less and less.

And then the loudest bang you ever heard just outside our bedroom window. The lightning deciding our road a perfect place to strike. It was one of those ok, now I'm awake moments. Everything seemed ok in the 30 seconds I spent in the torrential downpour having a look. Our house looked fine, neighbors house looked fine.

This morning Nextdoor was abuzz with holy shit, did anyone's house get hit last night?. Because that's how neighbors communicate with each other in 2017 yo. Absolutely no trace of anything when I had a look around in daylight so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it remains but a mystery.

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