I'm somewhat conflicted about what to do with Flickr.

You see, I'm mad at Yahoo; Flickr's parent company. Both for the massive data breach, and the installation of an email scanner while trying to hide it from their security team. Read about lots of people downloading all their photos from Flickr and closing the account in disgust. The digital version of taking their toys and going home.

My gut reaction was to do similar. But I have 12 years invested in Flickr. All those sets curated lovingly by hand, the 75k photos I've added to my favorites, and the code I've written. Flickr is so integral to my photography workflow that I couldn't imagine not using it now.

Besides, where else is there to go?

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A while back I wrote some code for interacting with the Flickr API. I wanted have a way to automatically add photos to specific albums based on a set of criteria. One of the scripts, is handy for adding photos with a certain number of favorites to an album automatically.

I don't get to write as much code these days and it was fun to hack away at this in my spare time.

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Ten Years Of Flickr

Yesterday was my 10th anniversary of being a Flickr member. Where does the time go eh? It seemed like only yesterday I was getting into photography and happened to stumble across a little site where I could happily upload my pics without the need to host something myself. And here I am 12,464 pics later.

Over the years other photography sites have appeared, Flickr not the big kid on the block anymore certainly, but it's had a resurgence of late. I love the infinite scroll, larger photos, better landing pages, great mobile app. So many many great photographers uploading some fantastic work every day. I could browse Explore all day long.

When it comes time to renew my membership, this one is always a no brainer. So here's to another 10 years.