Instagramery Part Two

Six months ago I lamented that I couldn't get into the Instagram account I created back in the day. My requests for assistance fell on deaf ears and I considered the account gone altogether.

I received an email from Instagram support this weekend. Account unlocked. Six. Months. After. Asking. Ace!

Of course the reason I wanted it unlocked in the first place is now so six months ago. Moment gone and all that.

On Instagram

John Gruber commenting on the Techcrunch 'Instagram caught selling ads to follower buying services' report.

At the time Facebook acquired Instagram, Instagram was by far the nicest social media experience I’d seen. It is now quickly descending into a cesspool of crap — bad design, bad experience, way too many ads, and a haven for scammers. I fully expected Facebook to Facebook-ify Instagram, but it’s sad watching it happen.

While I'm not on Instagram myself, my wife is, and I do hear her complain almost daily about it. I'm not sure if she's more annoyed with the ads or the algorithmic timeline? Last night she went to show me a photo our nephew posted only to somehow lose the picture? Instagram had literally reshuffled her timeline in the space of a click back. Madness.


About a hundred thousand years ago I created an Instagram account.  Never used it and it's been collecting dust ever since.  For a project I'm starting I need to have working Instagram credentials.  Easy right, just use that old account?

A quick round of "forgot my password, please send me the reset link via email" later and I'm all set.

Except now Instagram has detected 'suspicious activity' on my account.  Ok.  They need to send me a verification code.  Sure.  I mean you did just send me a reset password email, and I did click the link.  But I guess a second email to the same email address?  Just to be sure sure?

And then nothing.  Not a peep. No verification code.  No nothing.  Sending additional verification codes also does nothing.

A spot of light googling indicates my account likely locked and to go fill out a form to explain things.  Which I did 3 days ago.  And I've heard nothing.

So that's all been awesome and fun.  What a wonderful user experience you got yourselves there.

Update Aug 22 2018: still radio silence from Instagram.  All hope of retrieving that old account lost.  Time to move on.