80s Music Flashbacks

You ever stumble across something and wonder "how did I not know this was a thing?".

I was listening to my 'Discover Weekly' playlist in Spotify the other week and a song came on that made me sit up and immediately take notice. It sounded just like all those American synth based 80s TV show themes that you used to love when you were a kid. But on steroids.

Convinced it was just a song I had overlooked from from my youth, I was surprised to find it was actually new music. Made by youngsters. Wut? As I went down the rabbit hole a bit further I discovered a few other bands all doing similar. Retro Electro I've seen it labeled as. And I love it.

If this sounds like the kind of thing that would be your cup of tea, run don't walk and have a listen to Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, Timecop1983, The Midnight, Le Cassette and my current favorite Perturbator

"The legend says he's half human, half synthesizer…"

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Little Red Corvette

Quite simply, the best song he ever wrote. This live version has an extended intro, and if you're as much of an 80s synth fan as I am, it will tickle your fancy. Enjoy.

Update: original video taken down. Updated with another version I found.

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It Comes Down To This, Your Kiss

It Comes Down To This, Your Kiss

While emptying one of our moving boxes I found this at the bottom. A drumstick from a Nine Inch Nails concert circa 1991 ish in London. Was back in the smash instruments up on stage at the end of the gig phase Trent had. Ah, to be young at the front of the mosh pit.

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I still read Q magazine after all these years. Mind you, being away from the British music 'scene' for so long means that these days I don't recognize many of the bands.

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