Started reading the Cult of the Dead Cow book. An actual book with pages and stuff. We'll see how it goes. is pretty cool.

Tobias Friedrich's split shots are wonderful. Half underwater, half overwater.

After years of me doing things myself around the house/garden, finally having to hire someone to trim trees. I mean I guess I could try to shimmy up to the top of the 50ft palm trees myself but I don't really want to die.

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Words On A Page

2019 has not been the "year of reading" for me. A few weeks ago I lamented:

I wish my reading habits were consistent. It's been over a month since I picked up that book.

If by "book" I mean Kindle then that's still correct, and there it sits in a draw uncharged as we speak. Last night I caught myself wishing I had an actual physical book with real pages and stuff. And maybe that's the problem?

So in an effort to kickstart this thing I'm going to keep the Kindle in the draw and go old school. The Amazon fairy tells me the first book arrives tomorrow.

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This morning I was catching up on Twitter things and was struck by a particular post by Moxie Marlinspike.

Whenever I talk with people into chemtrails, flat earth, or other conspiracies, I'm struck by how appealing a worldview with a "them" must be. If only we could stop "them!" As dark as those worldviews are, it is perhaps darker if there is no "them." That this world is just… us.

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MacBook Pro Thoughts Part 3

Magic Happens

Previously and previously.

The keyboard is apparently different enough to give me issues with my hands. I never had a single RSI problem with the 2013 model with "the good keyboard". I could type on that thing all day. Now I find that the bones in my hands and fingers ache after prolonged typing.

When I'm "in the office" at work, I hook the laptop up to an external keyboard/monitor and things are fine. But I really feel it when I work remotely and use the native laptop keyboard. Like, literally feel it in my bones.

Speaking of the days I'm in my work office and "things are fine", they're not fine really. For I'd rather not have to reboot once a day just to fix the "oh look the external monitor has started flickering on and off again" issue.

Those previous generation MacBook Pros were really really really good. Now they're really really really not. Which is a shame.

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One Word Game Of Thrones s08e03 Review



After all these years, why no payoff of the Night King and Bran relationship? Why was he coming to see Bran in the first place? Where did Bran warg off to for almost the entire episode?

I know there are only 6 episodes this season and they still have to wrap up the Iron Throne & Cersei business, but this episode was all a bit disappointing. We still don't know all that much about the Night King. Maybe we never will? Maybe I just need to watch the next two episodes?

Update: nah, next two episodes ignored all of that because of course they did. Hopefully the final episode reveals Bran has been more than just a MacGuffin this whole time.

Update: and… nah, he was just a MacGuffin the whole time.



As the sun rises I see rain clouds moving in. All the windows in the house are open and the smell is in the air. The neighbor's dog is barking at the birds in the trees but I don't mind. A helicopter just flew overhead and I wonder what its story is, where did it come from, where is it going?

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The Things Sent To Try You

It's been about a month, how are you getting on in your new house you didn't ask. I'll tell you. We love it. But roses it has not been.

Couple days after we moved in we had raw sewage coming up out of all the shower drains. As you do. Blockage from the house to the City line.

About a week later a nice little flood in the laundry room and part of the living room. Pipe in the wall feeding the washing machine disintegrated. We had a restoration company come in to dry out the floors/walls/framing. A week of jet engines and not hearing ourselves think. I'd envisioned living in the house slightly longer before putting in our first house insurance claim.

Then last week during the storm of century we got, well, all the rain I think. The puddle in the kitchen with ceiling dripping a lovely good morning surprise. Leaky roof is leaky.

Hoping for a quiet and incident free rest of the year.

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I'm trying to imagine how this meeting went.

Manager: we need a name and artwork, something that not only says bread, but quality too.

Marketer: how about stuck in the 80s dude with a guitar? Let's call him Dave, and he makes killer bread yeah?


Manager: ship it!