Is This Thing On?

So assuming all has gone well, the old Movable Type site is but a memory now. Gone to spend more time with its family.

The new shiny WordPress install has taken its place and if this shows up in your feed reader then I did a decent job of not breaking anything.

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  1. Göran says:

    Coolness attack :) Welcome to the world of WP
    Did you convert your entire Movable Type life to WP? Impressive!
    Looking forward to more fun reading and great images!

    • kevin says:

      Thanks matey. Yeah 80% will be WP. I haven't found anything close to Movable Type's Action Streams plugin mind you. So oddly, the stream page is still driven by a MT cron job ;-)

  2. jake says:

    Nice work. And yeah, still showed up just fine in feedbin for me.

  3. martymankins says:

    Shows up here without any extra intervention. Welcome to WordPress. I know it's different, but there's a lot of support for it out there.