Heard Your Voice

Heard Your Voice

We're not all bigots in Arizona. Really. And thankfully Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062 yesterday. It's an absolute embarrassment that in 2014 this kind of discrimination was even being considered.

3 responses to “Heard Your Voice”

  1. jake says:

    I've been following along with this on CNN and couldn't believe it either. Anderson Cooper had a woman from the AZ legislature on his show who couldn't provide a single example of where religious freedom has ever been in jeopardy. Was such an awkward interview, you could tell he was getting a kick out of it as he wouldn't let the point go.

  2. martymankins says:

    With all of the pressure from business (including a threat from the NFL to pull the Super Bowl in February), I was glad Jan Brewer pulled the veto lever. How a bill like that is even possible in 2014 (which it still is in many other states like Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma), boggles my mind.