I Thought We'd Manage

I Thought We'd Manage

Another blast from the past. Disappointed to find that it didn't actually work. Even though you do still see payphones every once in a while, when was the last time you actually saw anyone use one?

3 responses to “I Thought We'd Manage”

  1. jake says:

    I can't remember the last time I saw anyone use a payphone. I just assume they're all broken these days anyway. I'd be curious to know how much money they make vs how much it costs to keep 'em around.

    • kevin says:

      It's a pretty safe assumption I'd say. Do the phone companies even maintain them themselves? I think they've all been sold to third party companies now I think.

      • martymankins says:

        I used to work for a company back in the late 90's that managed pay phones. Most today are managed by third parties, although I think in Verizon markets, they keep the management to themselves.

        A relic that we will tell our kid's kids about.