My wife bought me this cool little camera. It's a Fisheye No. 2 from Lomography. Old school analog shooting at it's finest.

I haven't loaded actual film in a camera in forever. Kinda fun having to wind on the film to take the next shot. I love it. Now have to go even further old school and go get the rolls developed.

  1. Kapgar says:

    Very cool! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Where do you even develop film anymore?

  2. Dave2 says:

    A couple months ago I went back to film for a while just for the experience… and didn't like it at all. I was kinda sad about that. Though I never thought about finding a way of making film interesting like this! Am anxious to see your photos.

    • kevin says:

      I did have a moment of "oh wow, I have to download that shot so I can upload it…oh wait". So used to instant gratification these days.

  3. martymankins says:

    I had never heard of this brand of camera before, so I went out and did some research. Pretty cool rig.

    As for 35mm developing, not too many places still offer the service. Walgreen's is your best local source.

    I do miss shooting 35mm film. I sold my Pentax ME-Super some years ago (on eBay for $20 less than I originally paid for it back in 1983).

    • kevin says:

      Yeah I was really struggling trying to think of where I'd even take the roll of film to get developed.