I'm somewhat conflicted about what to do with Flickr.

You see, I'm mad at Yahoo; Flickr's parent company. Both for the massive data breach, and the installation of an email scanner while trying to hide it from their security team. Read about lots of people downloading all their photos from Flickr and closing the account in disgust. The digital version of taking their toys and going home.

My gut reaction was to do similar. But I have 12 years invested in Flickr. All those sets curated lovingly by hand, the 75k photos I've added to my favorites, and the code I've written. Flickr is so integral to my photography workflow that I couldn't imagine not using it now.

Besides, where else is there to go?

2 responses to “Flickr”

  1. martymankins says:

    Flickr is one of the few photo sites that's not compromised on what kind of photos to upload. Google Photos is quite nice, but they have a pricing tier that's tied to Google Drive and based on storage if you want to upload original photos. They offer free unlimited uploads for modified resolution.

    Here's my take on the "being mad at what Yahoo did": I was plenty pissed when I heard what Wells Fargo did with their backdoor tactics of reaching sales goals. I've been with them 31 years and have had a very good experience with them. It would cost me a lot of time, money and hassle to switch banks due to my disgust with what they did. And if I went to a new bank, do I know that they would have bad deeds tied to them as well?

    My suggestion is to stay with Flickr, even though their parent company did an pretty shameful thing behind people's backs. The alternative is finding a photo storage service that's been mostly ethical, but the time and energy to switch is what would need to be weighed.

    • kevin says:

      Good points, and the more hassle than it's worth factor certainly won out in the end. I really like Flickr, it's one of the few sites left that I can't get my wallet out fast enough for to re-up for another year. Giving all that up just to stick it to Yahoo not really worth it.