On Twitter

Twitter rolled out support for 280 characters to everyone yesterday. Well, to be fair, they added it to their web interface. Their official Mac app hasn't had any love since May so only 140 characters available there still. Of any improvement they could have possibly made, doubling the length of posts not something that gets me excited.

Twitter: What do you want?
Users: Ban nazis.
Twitter: 280 characters it is!

I don't want Twitter to become a blogging platform. Part of its charm and success has been those 140 characters. It forces brevity, posts are easy and fun to write, and even easier to consume. My brain is starting to gloss over the longer tweets now. Thankfully 90% of my timeline respects a more civilized time.

And what's with that circle countdown thinger in the 280 character UI?

2 responses to “On Twitter”

  1. martymankins says:

    I don't use Twitter on the web, which I would guess, has 280 character support. I've been Tweetbot on all of my Apple devices for almost 2 years now. Still like Echofon a lot, but there's a couple of features that it doesn't do (able to switch accounts when sharing or creating a new tweet is one).

    As for the 280 allure, nothing here.

  2. kapgar says:

    Couldn’t care less about 280. I do have access via Twitter app. I’ve used it once… to decry 280 characters.