End Of An Era, Really

So a wee spot of site administrivia this morning then.

A hundred thousand years ago when I started "updating my website frequently" I looked into getting what the kids at the time called 'blogging' software. Movable Type was the best thing around back then. Well, times change, things change, feelings change. And four years ago I decided to retire that old MT install and move to WordPress.

Except, I didn't really retire it at all. One of the things it was bloody great at was powering my Action Stream list. So I was quite happy to let it chug along for as long as possible. Well the long as possible appears to have been last week. My hosting provider upgraded Perl and now that old MT code is borked and none of it works any more.

When I was younger this is exactly the sort of thing an evening of Perl hackery and some beer could fix. I'm at the time of my life where tinkering is unappealing and I want things to "just work". So looks like this really is the end of the MT road for me. For real this time though, four years after I already declared it so.

Update: so I guess tinkering was more appealing than I thought? It all works again and back from the dead.

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  1. kapgar says:

    Please don’t say you were paying for MT that whole time. As I recall, it’s not free.