Living In A Flyover State

Let's talk about concerts in Arizona. Or lack thereof. As the fifth largest city in America, Phoenix does get visited very often by bands. But usually they're the super popular ones, with lots of resources and backing. So what seems to happen more often than not is a band I love announce "a US tour" when really it's nothing of the sort. They'll play in New York, Boston, and then in LA and San Fransisco.

The rest of us get to watch as they flyover on their way to California.

Waves to the plane carrying the band I love.

In the last few weeks two bands from my youth that I never had the chance to see live announced US "tours". And have a guess what States are being visited? There's no way you'll guess New York and California..

Killing Joke are playing their 40th anniversary gigs. And for the first time in *mumble* years The The are playing live. But they're not visiting any of the flyover states. Which is a real bummer as I would love to see both of them.

4 responses to “Living In A Flyover State”

  1. kapgar says:

    Usually bands play in Chicago but I’ve seen it happen a lot that, because we are in a cluster of relatively large cities within a few hours, bands will pick one or the other and not more. So Chicago or Indianapolis or Milwaukee or Madison or St. Louis. That gets annoying, too.

  2. Dave Cross says:

    Don't really want to rub it in, but I have a ticket for The The playing at the Brixton Academy. I venue I can walk to.

    I love living in London :-)