I've been listening to a lot of albums from my youth this week. Each one of these I originally owned on vinyl or cassette. There's some good stuff in here, consider this your playlist. You're welcome.

Adam And The Ants – Kings Of The Wild Frontier
The Cure – Disintegration
The Cure – The Head On The Door
Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses
Depeche Mode – Violator
The Human League – Dare
INXS – Shabooh Shoobah
The Mission – God's Own Medicine
Simple Minds – Live In The City Of Light
The Sisters Of Mercy – Floodland
Soft Cell – The Art Of Falling Apart
Tears For Fears – The Hurting
Thomas Dolby – The Golden Age Of Wireless

I still have my vinyl, but where are my cassettes? They did not survive one of the many moves over the years. That's a bit of a shame.

  1. kapgar says:

    Shabooh Shoobah… great album! Others are great too but INXS… miss you, Michael!

    • kevin says:

      The early INXS albums were just great. Shabooh Shoobah is the one I still play the most. Saw them live a couple of times when they toured the X album way back in the day. So good.

  2. Adam Bowie says:

    I *do* have all of my cassettes – too many in fact. They're mostly in a big box in my loft, although they face being "rationalised" soon.

    • kevin says:

      I should note that my records are in boxes in my garage. Which is prolly not the best place for vinyl when it's 110° outside.

  3. martymankins says:

    Great list of albums, most of which I have in some format – CD, cassette or digital. I admit I am not familiar with that Soft Cell album. I will have to explore that one on Spotify.