Using Twitter

The other day I stumbled across an interesting clique on Twitter. It all started when I chuckled at this Artic Monkeys tweet.

"I wonder if there's more where that came from", after all political Twitter is all a bit depressing and I'm suffering from Trump outrage fatigue. Having a few more things that make me chuckle surely can't be a bad thing.

Enter constant comedy retweet Twitter.

These users all follow each other and retweet each other constantly all day. The only things they ever post are little jokey snippets in an attempt to out-funny each other. They're all on favstar and earn "trophies" for the number of likes and retweets. Their timelines are so polluted with retweets that they all add a URL to their profile consisting of a Twitter search for themselves minus retweets.

Because the accounts are all so samey with almost identical profiles, I thought they were bots. But now I'm not so sure. They're all super enthusiastic at what they're doing, some of them have 20-30k followers and to them this is their Twitter experience.

I thought it was mildly amusing for a bit and did get a couple of chuckles. But it's relentless and never ending. I didn't look at my phone for an hour and came back to 397 unread items in my timeline. Today I unfollowed all of them.

There are hundreds of accounts to use as an example so here are a random set.


So there's that.

6 responses to “Using Twitter”

  1. martymankins says:

    That's pretty wild with all of those accounts being tied to each other in an out-Retweet sort of way.

    And I'm in a Trump outrage fatigue. Trying to keep up wears me out.

    • kevin says:

      Yeah I've unfollowed some other of the more politically inclined as it's exhausting keeping up with everything.

  2. jake says:

    Yeah those accounts are all very similar. All the female ones almost have the same kind of profile pic too. Has to be some kind of bot thing you think? But a comedy-off botnet seems utterly bizarre.

  3. kapgar says:

    Big unfollow. Big. Huge.

    • kevin says:

      Yeah, when you find yourself going "this is getting bloody ridiculous" you know it's time for the unfollow hammer.