First package delivered to an Amazon Locker near our house. Was cheaper and delivered faster than regular shipping. With no risk of porch pirates. To a place we drive by to get home. And in other news, I have new headphones.

3 responses to “Locker”

    • kevin says:

      Nothing fancy. Sony MDRXB50AP. My days of having "nice" headphones are done based on how often I accidentally leave them out and they get chewed. Because cats are amazing.

  1. martymankins says:

    I've been given the option to ship to an Amazon Locker, but haven't tried it yet. I might do that here soon now that I know someone that's tried it.

    As for the cats chewing up cords, we now have a 1 year old cat that I might have to worry about that happening around here. The older cats (16 and 8) haven't cared much for cords.