On Using Chrome

The only time I ever use Chrome is for multi-browser testing at $dayjob. For reasons I can only describe as 'never really sat well with me' I've tended to avoid it. Articles such as this one about breaking ad tracking extensions aren't likely to change my mind any time soon.

Or as jwz eloquently puts it.

Sure, run a web browser developed by the world's largest advertising company.

What could go wrong.

2 responses to “On Using Chrome”

  1. kapgar says:

    Chrome has become my primary browser but mostly due to how fast it is. I have few to no extensions attached to it. But I also use almost all other browsers as well because I do compatibility testing for websites. So my Mac has Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. My Windows laptop has IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. My personal iPhone and my work iPad have Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. We don’t care about Opera.

  2. martymankins says:

    There was a good 2-3 years that I quit using Chrome, mostly due to how crappy it was on many things, battery draining on a few Macs and a Windows 8.1 laptop. The last year, they have really made it better, faster and not so much a drain on battery anymore. Safari still is my default browser, even though I like and use Firefox just as often.