MacBook Pro Thoughts Part 2

A quick update to my first impressions. Let's talk about magsafe. Why oh why oh why did this get removed? There's now no way to tell at a glance if the Mac is charging, I sure loved that little glow light. Also not 2 mins ago the Mac almost ended up on the floor as my toe caught the cable as I walked by. This is an expensive accident waiting to happen.

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  1. kapgar says:

    MagSafe bugs me when you use it on uneven surfaces where something like your leg or a blanket on your bed can knock it out. That annoys me to no end.

    As for not knowing about charging, can't you see the lightning bolt in the top bar?

    • kevin says:

      LOL. Well yeah if you're looking at the screen. If the lid is closed or you're more than 1 ft away it's nice to see that visual reminder that you really really did plug it in.