First thing in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand is the best time to scribble some things on this here internet website. Today I'm mostly giving the eye of annoyance to Lightroom. Or I should say whatever I did to Lightroom to now make it crash whenever there's an SD card in the reader. So that's cool.

  1. Adam Bowie says:

    I'm guessing that your version of Lightroom is a version you bought outright previously, and not a subscription version? Otherwise, you would have just reinstalled a fresh copy via the Adobe app on your new machine.

    • kevin says:

      You have guessed wisely.

      • Adam Bowie says:

        While I would never try to upsell you to a subscription version, I do think that LR is continuing to improve. While some are a bit niche unless you need to do lots of HDR panos, or spend much time tethering your camera to LR, others are better. It's faster now, and their AI has improved a lot of things. "Auto" is not now a bad place to start with a photo! (Although you do then have to crank up the contrast).

        But I also understand not wanting to spend $120 a year to keep up to date.