The Things Sent To Try You

It's been about a month, how are you getting on in your new house you didn't ask. I'll tell you. We love it. But roses it has not been.

Couple days after we moved in we had raw sewage coming up out of all the shower drains. As you do. Blockage from the house to the City line.

About a week later a nice little flood in the laundry room and part of the living room. Pipe in the wall feeding the washing machine disintegrated. We had a restoration company come in to dry out the floors/walls/framing. A week of jet engines and not hearing ourselves think. I'd envisioned living in the house slightly longer before putting in our first house insurance claim.

Then last week during the storm of century we got, well, all the rain I think. The puddle in the kitchen with ceiling dripping a lovely good morning surprise. Leaky roof is leaky.

Hoping for a quiet and incident free rest of the year.

3 responses to “The Things Sent To Try You”

  1. kapgar says:

    Yeah, that sucks. But I think the reason no one asked how it was going is it seems every homeowner is having issues right now. Every day, a coworker is complaining about an issue regarding their homes. Sewage, flooding, leaky roof (me), siding, new roofing (again, me), etc., etc., ad infinitum. Been a horrible season to own real estate.

  2. Göran says:

    Ouch. Hope you had all the accidents for the upcoming 100 years already and can look forward to some chill and good music for eons to come.

  3. martymankins says:

    New home is a context term. Most likely, it's a problem transferred to the new owners.