Billy Bragg On Morrissey

Much to nod about here. Billy Bragg summing up my thoughts about Morrissey.

Worryingly, Morrissey’s reaction to being challenged over his support of For Britain, his willingness to double down rather than apologise for any offence caused, suggests a commitment to a bigotry that tarnishes his persona as the champion of the outsider. Where once he offered solace to the victims of a cruel and unjust world, he now seems to have joined the bullies waiting outside the school gates.

As an activist, I’m appalled by this transformation, but as a Smiths fan, I’m heartbroken

4 responses to “Billy Bragg On Morrissey”

  1. kapgar says:

    I’m clearly lacking context here but assume it has something to do with Brexit.

    • kevin says:

      He’s become a champion of far right racist groups and has said some pretty questionable shit. I’m just baffled that the man who was part of the soundtrack of my youth turned out this way.

  2. Dave2 says:

    As a long-time Smith's fan and somebody who really like the initial beginnings of Morrisey's solo career, finding out he likes to promote white supremacist ideals was a real punch to the gut. I have no idea how he evolved to this point… or if he has always been this way… but it seems contrary to what the music was all about.