Apple Things

Did you hear there was an Apple event this week?

A combination of event presentation fatigue and a mature product line have soured the experience somewhat for me. I still read the recaps but I'm certainly not glued to the live stream as I would have been in years past. It's just not that exciting anymore.

That said, (looks down at current phone), this year is likely phone upgrade year. And regardless of how I feel about the events I'm still all in with the Apple ecosystem, so what to do?

My iPhone 7 has stood the test of time. It still does everything I want and does it well. But I'm beginning to glance sideways at the new shiny. Especially the improvement in the camera tech. The iPhone 11 Pro is a little rich for my blood, but going from a 7 to a stock 11 would be a pretty significant upgrade.

And look at that, T-Mobile are already starting their "trade in your phone…" marketing campaign.

One response to “Apple Things”

  1. kapgar says:

    The charging port on my 7+ is going to hell and making it hard to charge and the battery life sucks but my iPhone is otherwise great. Alas, I think I will be upgrading but to the Xr (or is it xR?). Last year’s model, I know. But I don’t need the latest and greatest when it’s gonna cost me $36/month for two years vs $16.