Bands From My Youth I haven't Seen Live 2019 Edition

So let's see, the 2019 version of this list is probably something like:

Duran Duran
Gary Numan
The Smiths
The Police
Soft Cell

The Police and Soft Cell reunions are done and over and I missed that boat. Partly because I didn't get to see The Police when they played Phoenix. Partly because Soft Cell's reunion consisted of a London gig only.

The Smiths I don't hold out hope for. And let's be honest, Morrissey's recent questionable take on life has left a sour taste anyway. Would I even go? Dunno.

So I hold out hope for Duran Duran and Numan. Both still tour. Could happen.

2 responses to “Bands From My Youth I haven't Seen Live 2019 Edition”

  1. kapgar says:

    Does “2019 version” mean these are bands you just this year realized you’ve never seen and are missing?

    • kevin says:

      More of my ever changing mood of what bands from my youth I'd still like to see. The list wavers over the years. But this is the 2019 off the top of my head list.