Rolling Stone should really stop making lists. In no way are most of the artists listed there the "best singers in the world" ever. Songwriters and performers maybe, but singers?

A hundred thousand years ago I wrote a thing to post top listens to a Movable Type blog. No one does that anymore and the world moved onto When Scott (@ssxio) was toying with shutting that service down, I cloned some of what I'd used for toppr and lastweekly came to be.

Finally got around to watching Edge Of Tomorrow. Was very very good. Thought it would just be another Tom Cruise alien invasion kill the mothership tale. But it's way better than that.

If my goal was to make our house Spencer's animal sanctuary, feeding stray cats who wander into our yard has made it so! My wife is extremely happy with me for this. Ahem.

2 responses to “Stream”

  1. kapgar says:

    So give us your top 10 singers. Curious minds want to know.

    • kevin says:

      That's an excellent idea but how to pick such a list? It's tough. I can think of five off the top of my head.

      Kate Bush
      Freddie Mercury
      Morten Harket
      Sarah Brightman
      Steve Perry