RSS Is Still A Thing

As a RSS refugee from the olden times, I've used more aggregators than I can possibly remember. Most recently Reeder on top of feedbin and have been pretty happy with that setup for a few years.

But I got a bit bored with all that and wanted to give something else a try. Enter Tiny Tiny RSS.

Open source, self hosted web app with community themes. As long as you have a host and a DB, you point the installer at it, import your OPML file, add the cron job to crawl for updates and then it "just works".

Hey @kapgar, look what I'm reading.

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  1. kapgar says:

    Yay me and my site!

    I still use Feedly. I'll never change unless it dies. I have little desire to experiment with something else.

    • kevin says:

      Lulz. Yeah on any other day I would say that I have little patience for tinkering. Except for when I do I guess?

  2. martymankins says:

    Given we all still miss Google Reader, Feedly is the one I've been with for a while now. I also use Reeder on my iPad, maintaining a second RSS feed reader. Tiny Tiny RSS sounds cool. though.

    • kevin says:

      Feedly does seem to be the most popular of the Google Reader web based replacements certainly. Is it ok to still be bitter at Google for killing Reader? I think it is.