2020 In Music

At the beginning of every December, Spotify releases their personalized year in review. A smidge early for me as it only really accounts for 11 months of the year. Does December not count?

And lo, now that December is over, here is the last.fm 2020 in review.

I scrobbled 24,627 songs, from 1,844 artists and 3,787 albums. A hair more than 2019, yet way off the pace from a decade ago when my job allowed me to have my headphones in constantly.

Top artists:

Depeche Mode
Killing Joke
Clan of Xymox
The Cure

Top Albums:

Makeup And Vanity Set – 88:88
The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love And Dancing
Vangelis – Blade Runner Soundtrack
Actors – It Will Come To You
Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again

Top tracks:

The Chameleons – Swamp Thing
Actors – PTL
Then Comes Silence – Strangers
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Actors – We Don't Have To Dance

Here's to a productive music listening experience in 2021!

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  1. jake says:

    Also if you listen to music from non-Spotify sources, last.fm is better at keeping track of all that.

  2. kapgar says:

    Can I get Spotify to record my cassette scrobbles?

  3. martymankins says:

    Love that Depeche Mode and The Cure are in your top listens. As you know, I've not jumped into the Spotify world, at least on a paid level. Perhaps now that YouTube Music took over Google Play Music and is not a great experience, I might explore more into being a paid Spotify user in 2021.