Things I Like January 2021 Edition

Some things I like and definitely worth your time.

Star Wars Rebels. As a huge fan of the Clone Wars animated series, and anything Dave Filoni is involved with, I was really looking forward to watching this. Starts slow, and is a little kid-centric. But by season four had found its feet. Turned out to be a very very good tale set in the Star Wars universe. Clone Wars was better though.

Rockonteurs Podcast. If you like 80s music (and if you don't, what is wrong with you?) this will be right up your alley. Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt chat with the who's who of what made the world go round back then. Billy Idol, Boy George, John Taylor, Dave Stewart. It's great stuff.

Virtual Chat With Ted Lasso Cast. Ted Lasso was one of the best things to come out of 2020. And this chat with the cast of the show is just utterly delightful.

Utopia. Comic books. Dystopia. Villains. Rain Wilson. John Cusack. It will shock you "salt, bleach, spoon".

Ambrosia Devon Custard. When you find it over here in the US it just brings a smile to your face. And now a little something from the old country.

Cobra Kai. Like most chaps my age, I was a bit partial to the original Karate Kid. Hearing they'd made a TV show set 34 years later, looking at life from Johnny Lawrence's perspective was intriguing. And oh boy did it ever work. Nostalgia factor sure. But great writing and some deliciously funny moments makes this a must see. Final episode of season three is just marvelous.

8 responses to “Things I Like January 2021 Edition”

  1. Dave Cross says:

    I haven't watched the new version of Utopia yet, but the original version was great –

  2. jake says:

    Completely agree about Rockonteurs. It's difficult for Guy and Gary to get a word in with some of them. Did you listen to the David Coverdale one?

    • kevin says:

      Hahahahahaha, yeah some of the interviewees like to talk don't they. How do they even remember those stories in such detail after decades of substance intake?

  3. kapgar says:

    Katie and I started Cobra Kai and are up to s1 e7. Really good so far. I agree.

    As for Rebels, you may have seen my season rankings on my site. I go from middling on s1 to really high on s2 and then steadily down. I feel like too much mythology of Jedi and the Force was thrown on its end in season 3&4. What amounts to time travel? Really?

    • kevin says:

      I don't remember if you've mentioned watching all seasons of The Clone Wars? I'll go have a poke around on your site to see. Would like to see how your thoughts align with mine there.

  4. martymankins says:

    Ted Lasso is on my list to watch before the end of March (many… so many other shows in the queue).

    Rockonteurs Podcast is a great recommend. Love the interviews so far.