On Reeder

What happened was, I read an article about Reeder and remembered how much I loved it. You may recall a couple years ago I decided to go solo with Tiny Tiny RSS. And it was mostly fine, just not great.

So I changed things up today. I'm back to using Reeder full time, with iCloud sync, and it really is great.

Except for one thing. Where is everybody?

It's only when you import your ancient OPML file from the olden times that you realize just how many great bloggers there were. And how few still remain. Man, I really miss blogging. I hope independent publishing comes back in fashion some day.

I guess I'm just old.

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  1. Dave2 says:

    After using NetNewsWire for an eternity, I switched to Reeder years ago when NetNewsWire changed hands (apparently it's back with the original author now?). I really like it, for the most part, The syncing is my favorite part, because I can cycle between desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad without having to think about it.

  2. kapgar says:

    It pains me to see how many have gone away. My once long blogroll is down to about six. And a part of me dies when I have to remove someone from it which I usually do after a year of inactivity.