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And so began the not insignificant time sink binge re-watch of the entire six seasons of Lost.

Arguably where the era of prestige TV began. Arguably one of the best TV shows of all time. It's been hovering around my own personal top three since it ended in 2010. Mind blowing to spend six years on the once a week release of a story that captured the internet of the era. So many fan theories on message forums and it was just so fun to trade ideas and have people point out easter eggs in scenes.

Look, here's a still capture of that Shark with the Dharma logo on it – what does it all mean wtfomgbbq!!!

So how did it hold up on a binge watch? Let's just say Lost has cemented itself as my favorite TV show of all time hands down. I did wonder how it would feel knowing the plot twists in advance. And it was ok. I must say though I do envy anyone watching this for the first time. You're going "wait, did Kate know Jack before the Island? I'm so confused." followed by the record needle scratch of Jack going "we have to go back" (mind explodes).

What I realized this time around was that even though they didn't (couldn't) answer every possible fan question, they still did a pretty damned good job. But the real thing that stood out on a binge was that Mystery Island wasn't even important at the end of the day. What really mattered were the characters, their stories, their interaction. This show has some of the best well written characters of any show I've watched and I just love them all. Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Desmond, Ben.

You know you've watched something special when you've got that sinking feeling of no more episodes. I can't recommend this enough. If you're one of the few people left on the planet who hasn't watched it, go do that immediately.

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  1. jake says:

    So what are your top 5 TV shows of all time? Blog post please.

  2. Dave2 says:

    Interesting. The first season of Lost is one of my favorite television experiences ever. But the show quickly became apparent to me that the writers never had a plan and were just tossing a bunch of cool ideas into the mix with no clue how it would all resolve. Around the middle of the third season, I came to detest Lost because so much potential had been wasted. But I still watched. The final season essentially confirmed to me that the writers were spitballing the whole time, and it was such a letdown that I ended up thinking badly of the entire series. — Then I rewatched the first two seasons a few years ago and was mesmerized all over again. But that only made me more frustrated that it didn't have a show-runner that could have taken the show to a satisfactory conclusion for me. Not that Lost is alone in this respect, because so many great shows fail this way, but I really, really wanted to love it.

    • kevin says:

      That's why it's great that humans aren't the same, what a boring world that would be if we all liked the same things! I dunno what to tell you, I thought it was great. Horses for courses.

  3. kapgar says:

    I'm partially with Dave in that I loved the first season. But then I was bored to tears by the second and gave up watching. So I never saw the final four seasons at all. I know some of it from online chatter but otherwise.

    • kevin says:

      (shrug emoji) of course things aren't for everyone. And we all like different things. I thought it was fantastic.

  4. martymankins says:

    After season 2, I lost interest in Lost.