Season Three, How's That Going?

Star Trek Picard and The Mandalorian have entered their third season. How's that going for them so far?

Up to this point, the previous seasons of Star Trek Picard have been…fine. The show as a whole meandered a bit, and I'm not sure quite figured out what it was trying to be. But I still enjoyed it because, well, Patrick Stewart and Jeri Ryan, come on. Season three though is a different beast entirely. They've gone full on TNG nostalgia and I'm here for it! Every single episode has been great and I'm really really glad they finally figured this show out. It was The Next Generation all along.

The Mandalorian, however, has been quite the surprise. When they nailed the landing at the end of the second season I thought Favreau and Filoni could do no wrong. Then came the hot mess that was The Book Of Boba Fett. Made even more bonkers when it turned into The Mandalorian season 2.5 because reasons. Made even more bonkers because you had to have watched this lessor show for The Mandalorian season three to make sense. And we're now half way through said season and I still don't really have any idea what the goal is. The episodes haven't been great, the writing poor, and in places just outright silly. It feels very rushed like Disney just said "I don't care it isn't very good, just get it out there, we have more toys to sell".

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  1. kapgar says:

    Yeah, but episode 4 of Mando? Loved it! Carl Weathers knocked it out of the park directing and Ahmed Best owned it as Kelleran Beq.

    • kevin says:

      I like Bo Katan the character a lot because of being a huge Clone Wars and Rebels fan. So those scenes are great, not least of which because Katee Sackhoff. The scenes on Coroscunt in the past couple episodes have been great. What I've found I'm struggling with is the actual Mandalorians on the dangerous animals planet doing odd things. I dunno, maybe at the end of the season it will all come together and I'll go "yeah, there we go".