1. Dave2 says:

    The weird thing is that traffic to my blog is still pretty high… despite blogs being “dead.” But, yeah, comments are a rarity.

    • kevin says:

      I completely understand an owner not wanting to deal with policing comments – or they may not be using software with native comment support. But whenever I read something super exciting, I get disappointed I can't drop a comment.

  2. kapgar says:

    I find myself looking up authors on social media and contacting them that way. Even if comments are allowed, any return interaction is 99% not gonna happen. So Twitter, et al, it shall be.

    • kevin says:

      Yeah I've done the same thing and just replied on Twitter or sent an email (like an old). I still think it's a shame the conversation isn't contained in one place.

  3. Adam Bowie says:

    I guess that it might be to what extent comments are just a chore – feast or famine. On a small blog like mine, there are so few comments that it's not a problem. But for something slightly bigger maybe it just becomes a pain?

    But I also think people are much more used to "live" reactions in social channels these days.

    • kevin says:

      Agree on both fronts. Social channels certainly ate blogging's lunch. The number of comments we all get nowhere near what it was back in the day. This tiny post of mine an outlier and driven more comments than I'd ever usually get.