German Sequencing

Alex Ball is the brains behind one of my favorite YouTube channels. If you're into vintage synths as much as I am, his videos are a must watch.

His most recent video is a delight as he recreates the sequencer sounds used on Der Mussolini by DAF, and Los Niños Del Parque by Liasons Dangereuses.

Of course this then took me down a DAF rabbit hole on Spotify as I went through their back catalogue. The are worse places to be.

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2 responses to “German Sequencing”

  1. Dave2 says:

    Interesting! I found his channel just a couple months ago because of a video he did on Depeche Mode's drums or something.

    • kevin says:

      Ha. I found him in a similar fashion because yes of course I want to see Tony Banks' actual live synth with his tour patches still intact.