The Best Decade

An interesting read on nostalgia and what you'd consider the best decade.

The good old days when America was "great" aren't the 1950s. They're whatever decade you were 11, your parents knew the correct answer to any question, and you'd never heard of war crimes tribunals, microplastics or improvised explosive devices. Or when you were 15 and athletes and musicians still played hard and hadn't sold out.

I'd say that's pretty close. For me at 11 that would have been 1984 which is about right for when a lot of the nostalgia feels start to hit. Probably through the tail end of the teenage years circa 1992. Good times they were. No internet, no cell phones, record shops, riding your bike miles away from home.

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  1. martymankins says:

    For me that would be 1974. Discovering music that I still listen to today, comic books at the 7-Eleven, ice cream cones at the Thrifty Drug. And riding my bike everywhere.

    • kevin says:

      There was just something about riding your bike everywhere without a care in the world wasn't there?

  2. Karen says:

    Ahh, mine would be the time between 1992-1995. High school and the first year of college. Those years truly built my musical tastes. So many summer and weekend nights walking to the lakefront, biking to the library, riding around in my friend's first car, from the lakefront to the arcade and back again.

    • kevin says:

      There's just something about those years of our youth isn't there? 1992-1995 was a great time to be into music actually. Those were my grunge years. Arcade? Man, I miss arcades.

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