On Tesla

Got to thinking about Tesla's announcement of their 10% reduction in workforce. For years they gained a foothold because they were early to market and their cars just had something about them. They were cool, the company was cool, Elon was cool (I know, I know, stay with me) . I've admired the Model S and Model X from afar for years.

In 2024 all major car manufacturers make electric vehicles. The competition well and truly caught up. Now if you want a fancy lad electric vehicle you have other options. Those made by Volvo, Audi, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes are compelling. Tesla no longer the only game in luxury EV town.

But there's also a pretty big elephant in the room.

When it comes to me even thinking about a Tesla, that particular ship couldn't have sailed further if I'd pushed it out of the docks myself. Musk's toxic behavior has ensured I will never give a cent to anything he's involved in. I'm sure I'm not alone.



On the one hand I thought it was great Blur were headlining Coachella. But on the other hand, it's a bit of an odd choice. Blur were never that big here in the US to begin with. A lot of Americans my age would know Song 2, but 1997 was a long time ago.

And lo, the crowd wasn't very receptive. Perhaps Blur's management should have known this festival in 2024 really wouldn't have their target audience 🤷🏻‍♂️

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last.fm Price Increase

last.fm are raising the price of their pro accounts. Which to be fair, has them join the club of lots of other services I pay for. There was much lamenting in r/lastfm on Reddit. And I get it, people will complain, as is their right.

I don't mind paying for services I get a lot of value out of. And last.fm is certainly one of those. I mean, I'm 18 years into it at this point, it's not like I'm suddenly going to have a change of heart. It's a coffee a month for something I enjoy. So yeah I'll continue paying to keep the lights on.

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