Born And Bred

That feeling when you're really happy with the work done by the tree guy, but you look at his business card afterwards.

American born and bred

Which because of where we live is all a bit dog whistley for "…if you don't want brown people doing your yard work…".


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Started reading the Cult of the Dead Cow book. An actual book with pages and stuff. We'll see how it goes. is pretty cool.

Tobias Friedrich's split shots are wonderful. Half underwater, half overwater.

After years of me doing things myself around the house/garden, finally having to hire someone to trim trees. I mean I guess I could try to shimmy up to the top of the 50ft palm trees myself but I don't really want to die.

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This morning I was catching up on Twitter things and was struck by a particular post by Moxie Marlinspike.

Whenever I talk with people into chemtrails, flat earth, or other conspiracies, I'm struck by how appealing a worldview with a "them" must be. If only we could stop "them!" As dark as those worldviews are, it is perhaps darker if there is no "them." That this world is just… us.

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As the sun rises I see rain clouds moving in. All the windows in the house are open and the smell is in the air. The neighbor's dog is barking at the birds in the trees but I don't mind. A helicopter just flew overhead and I wonder what its story is, where did it come from, where is it going?

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First thing in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand is the best time to scribble some things on this here internet website. Today I'm mostly giving the eye of annoyance to Lightroom. Or I should say whatever I did to Lightroom to now make it crash whenever there's an SD card in the reader. So that's cool.

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On Apple's Show Time

I reached a new level of being underwhelmed with today's Show Time event from Apple. I'm just not the target audience for credit cards, magazines, and exclusive games. They also utterly failed to sell that TV+ thing to me. No trailers, no pricing. Just felt really weird and un-Apple like. Yawn.

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