• kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall see who Trump brought with him to AZ today."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @erasureinfo: In case you weren’t able to join Andy and Vince for their ‘Staying In With Erasure’ Facebook Live event on Friday, it’s no…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall Of course this household has done the right thing! Harris in 2024 is exactly what we’re hoping for. Gi…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall And don't we know it. Constant barrage of text messages and never ending ads. Both the Trump and Biden…"

Tuesday, October 27

  • kevin tweeted, "@AllisonLCarter @killedbygoogle I understand brand identity and all but phewboy. It’s not great is it?"
  • kevin tweeted, "Yeah he wasn’t bad was he?"
  • kevin tweeted, "If only there were some way to get more spammy election texts."
  • kevin posted Give Me A Reminder

Monday, October 26

Saturday, October 24

Friday, October 23

  • kevin tweeted, "Aww. When you accidentally think it’s Ted Lasso day."
  • kevin tweeted, "After 6 months, still remembered how to tie shoes."
  • kevin posted Remembered How To Tie My Shoes
  • kevin tweeted, "Liked on YouTube: Peter Gabriel - Intruder (Live In Athens 1987)"
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Actors (32), Hunters & Collectors (23), Ritual Howls (12), Midni…"

Thursday, October 22