• kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Makeup and Vanity Set (25), Dance With The Dead (15), Perturbato…"

Thursday, June 24

  • kevin tweeted, "@mrsmop68 doing the lord’s work for badge awareness 🇬🇧"
  • kevin tweeted, "@hashira_the @mrsmop68 @anon_opin To be fair this is just called “a badge”, no? At least it was where I grew up in England."
  • kevin tweeted, "No, _you_ just spilled coffee on your laptop."
  • kevin tweeted, "@kapgar That’s so good."
  • kevin posted Hold Onto These Arms Of Mine

Wednesday, June 23

  • kevin tweeted, "@WHATSFORDlNNER Double Decker surely."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @Suns @LAClippers I can get behind this 100%"
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Yeah, actually the Beastie Boys show would have been something."
  • kevin tweeted, "@obra Ha! I also got one of these, went “phishing attempt much?”, and just deleted it."
  • kevin tweeted, "The Cure, Depeche Mode. Naturally."
  • kevin tweeted, "@mrsmop68 @anon_opin Yeah I read that a couple times and went, what the heck is a pin badge?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@anon_opin Pin badge? Kids today. Back in my day we called them “a badge” and liked it."
  • kevin tweeted, "eBay could you also CC Santa on these emails?"
  • kevin tweeted, "We have actual rain. Like, falling from the sky and everything. ☔️"
  • kevin posted With My Little Eye
  • kevin tweeted, "@davorg I remember staying up very late over here to watch the vote come in. It was like a punch in the stomach as…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@anon_opin Hellzz yezz."

Tuesday, June 22

Monday, June 21

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Saturday, June 19

  • kevin posted Things Got Lit
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Ha! Same. The Cure In Orange was so so good. Played that to death."
  • kevin tweeted, ""
  • kevin tweeted, "I watched this so many times on VHS when I was younger. My friends never let me forget they were actually there."

Friday, June 18

  • kevin tweeted, "@soundstoryuk @BoyGeorge This track is so good."
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall Oh yeah they sure did, credit where it’s due."
  • kevin tweeted, "Quite possibly the most boring game of Football I’ve ever watched. England sure are good at square balls and back passes though."
  • kevin tweeted, "Lucky Brits are lucky."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @the_mission_uk: From Wayne: A friend, Ramone, reminded me that it is 36 years ago today that Craig and I played for the last time with…"
  • kevin tweeted, "I have to say, this coffee I made is wonderful."
  • kevin tweeted, "@KrauseFx I thought a joke tweet was a good way of handling things. Made me 😃"
  • kevin posted I Wanted You To Stay
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Killing Joke (27), The Jesus and Mary Chain (19), Skeletal Famil…"