Friday, May 17

Thursday, May 16

  • kevin tweeted, "@sallyatticum Oh wow, thank you!"
  • kevin tweeted, "Sums up my feelings about Game Of Thrones."
  • kevin posted Down In A Hole
  • kevin tweeted, "@kapgar Yeah, it’s good."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @NME: Watch The Strokes’ surprise cover of @erasureinfo’s ‘A Little Respect’"
  • kevin posted That's The Kicker
  • kevin tweeted, "Getting concerned there hasn’t been an episode of the David Tenant podcast since April."
  • kevin tweeted, "I have eaten all the chocolate. As nature intended."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @MollyRingwald: Alabama"
  • kevin tweeted, "I wrote a thing on my internet website - MacBook Pro Thoughts Part 3"

Wednesday, May 15

  • kevin tweeted, "RT @cmdrtaco: Phone Rings in 1999: Yay! A friend wants to talk! 2009: Grr! Problem at work! 2019: Fuck! I left my ringer on, there is 0% ch…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Same could be said for personal project github commits. Flurry of activity and then nothing for weeks on end."
  • kevin tweeted, "I wish my reading habits were consistent. It’s been over a month since I picked up that book."
  • kevin posted Your Calling
  • kevin tweeted, "I worded a thing - In The Air Tonight"

Tuesday, May 14

  • kevin tweeted, "I worded a thing - One Word Game Of Thrones s08e03 Review"
  • kevin tweeted, "@renagerie So I'm only as far as s08e03 which I just watched. e03 was extremely disappointing. You're all caught up?"

Sunday, May 12