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Friday, September 20

  • kevin tweeted, "Watching old season finales of Star Trek’s TNG, DS9, Voyager."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @AlisonMoyet: Not complaining. Not remotely. But it is weird as fuck to walk past a busker who is playing your song."
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  • kevin tweeted, "♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Depeche Mode (42), Orbital (30), Rush (28), The Cure (22) & Twenty One Pilots (22) via @tweeklyfm"

Thursday, September 19

  • kevin tweeted, "@rainnwilson Raises hand."
  • kevin tweeted, "This is almost the perfect album from start to finish."
  • kevin tweeted, "@davorg You can’t leave us hanging on *what* box set you were looking for."
  • kevin saved WHAT IS A JEFF MINTER GAME?
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  • kevin tweeted, "RT @HeartofNeon1: 300 Backers (!) Thank you so much..! As promised, three minutes of #heartofneon :: What Is a Jeff Minter Game? https://t…"
  • kevin tweeted, "I bet I’m the only one on the planet not running dark mode everywhere. See, there’s one of me left."
  • kevin tweeted, "@CommodoreBlog Spent so much of my pocket money in the arcades down the seaside on this. Loved it."
  • kevin tweeted, "Totally not listening to a 'rave classics' spotify playlist. Nope."
  • kevin tweeted, "This. cc: @jaseyhall"
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Wednesday, September 18

  • kevin tweeted, "Can confirm. England to Arizona for me though."
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  • kevin tweeted, "Loved Hologram by The Horrors on,"
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  • kevin tweeted, "Why is Dancing With The Stars a thing? Says the man who couldn’t look away from 90 Day Fiancé. Train wreck TV."

Tuesday, September 17

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  • kevin tweeted, "@SimonCunniffe @thecure @RobertSmith @IndieOver40 My first ever Cure album. On cassette."
  • kevin tweeted, "If only there was one consistent UI with all the TV channels in it. And you paid one fee a month. Whatever would we call it?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@cwinters I have no words. None."
  • kevin tweeted, "And literally days before the new iPhones are available, my wife drops hers and smashes the screen to bits."
  • kevin tweeted, "@pkafka If only there was one consistent UI with all the channels in it, and you could pay one fee. Whatever would we call it?"

Monday, September 16

  • kevin posted You Complete Me
  • kevin tweeted, "And of course he’s doing the entire conversation on speaker. We are all living the best timeline."
  • kevin tweeted, "Sure, bloke sitting across from me at the car dealer, put that hold music on speaker. I hope we all get to hear th…"

Sunday, September 15

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  • kevin tweeted, "Double rainbow storm brewing."
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  • kevin tweeted, "New podcast episodes are not called a “fresh pod”. Make it stop."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Makes note to hold you to this 😆"
  • kevin tweeted, "Bought this with my pocket money. How can that possibly be 34 years ago?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@SimonCunniffe @petshopboys Also love me some Pet Shop Boys."
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Saturday, September 14

  • kevin tweeted, "Saturdays."
  • kevin posted Saturdays
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Love that album:"
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @WayneHussey4: Sat backstage after my Hamburg debacle and it's a Depeche Mode party going on. What great songs, every one of 'em. Me ol'…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Loved The Body Electric by Rush on,"
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @thesulk: “O.K.” seems like kind of an insult, corral-wise."
  • kevin tweeted, "This Norwich Man City game is just bananas."
  • kevin tweeted, "Lemon cake. Lemon."
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