• kevin tweeted, "So Mourinho then. Er, umm."
  • kevin tweeted, "Rain. In Phoenix. Please give us your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."
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Tuesday, November 19

  • kevin tweeted, "Isn’t it about time for Liam Neeson to make his movie again?"
  • kevin tweeted, "One of the better managers Tottenham have had in my lifetime. Wish him all the best. Still a bit stunned. #pochettino"
  • kevin tweeted, "When you haven't read Twitter all day and only now see that Pochettino has been fired as Tottenham manager. What the shit?"
  • kevin tweeted, "Loved Another Silent Way by Underworld on,"

Monday, November 18

Sunday, November 17

Saturday, November 16

Friday, November 15

  • kevin posted From Elon
  • kevin posted Up And Downer
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Depeche Mode (26), Kate Bush (20), Underworld (18), The Sisters…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Depeche Mode (23), Kate Bush (20), Underworld (18), Rammstein (1…"
  • kevin posted I Push The Buttons

Thursday, November 14

  • kevin tweeted, "@BastardMachine Don’t have to curb my tongue because of my employer Tim Goodman is the best Tim Goodman."
  • kevin tweeted, "@WellReadSouth @imyke I wouldn’t say you *shouldn’t* use it. But those VCs are gonna want a return on their money. So “something’s up”."
  • kevin saved I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city
  • kevin tweeted, "@freddybeepdeep @Baddiel Is this the new tactic? Call out an obvious bot and now you’re old for doing so?"
  • kevin saved xkcd: Machine Learning Captcha
  • kevin tweeted, "Huh, so this is a thing Firefox is doing now I see."
  • kevin tweeted, "A Skinny Puppy album with Rave producing again would be fantastic."
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Wednesday, November 13

  • kevin tweeted, "There are a lot of British looking people waiting here for this flight from Heathrow."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Agree 100%"
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  • kevin tweeted, "@danrubin iOS 13.2.2 fixes this. Thankfully. That was super painful."
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