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  • kevin tweeted, "Possibly heresy among Depeche fans but I find I don’t really listen to SOFAD much."
  • kevin tweeted, "@kapgar @LinkedIn They grow up so fast."
  • kevin tweeted, "@thomashawk @Flickr Agreed. (clicks follow)"
  • kevin tweeted, "This is fine. Everything is fine."
  • kevin tweeted, "Sure, I don’t live there anymore. But still a citizen so I do what I can."
  • kevin tweeted, "@Beschizza You’re doing the lord’s work."
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  • kevin tweeted, "@Anadart Good album. Great t-shirt."
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  • kevin tweeted, "I approve of this action."
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  • kevin tweeted, "@kevinbaker @davewiner Nope. @reederapp with @feedbin seen me right for the last few years."
  • kevin tweeted, ""Hey brother, hanging in, hanging in" why didn't I think of that when I'm on conf calls? This guy can teach me a lot."
  • kevin tweeted, "Working here at the car dealership while some recall repairs being taken care of. Guy in airpods next to me on a c…"
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Monday, March 18

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  • kevin tweeted, "(Raises hand) I was a fat kid who got picked on. Also managed to do 0% of mass murdering."
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  • kevin tweeted, "I’m not sure if I woke up in the bizarro world. But I agree with Piers Morgan on a thing. What is even happening…"
  • kevin tweeted, "How are Wil Wheaton and Luke Bryan not the same person?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@Beschizza I would watch that."
  • kevin tweeted, "My favorite part of Spotify is when I go to play Ian Brown's Golden Greats album and only 2 of the 12 songs are playable. Thanks?"
  • kevin tweeted, "Still crossing fingers. Come to Phoenix Andrew."
  • kevin tweeted, "@ssxio He’s a bit good isn’t he."
  • kevin tweeted, "I worded a thing - Shoplifters Of The World"
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  • kevin tweeted, "Loved Strange Kicks by Then Comes Silence on,"

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  • kevin tweeted, "RT @TaikaWaititi: What the hell?? I thought I was going to do it!!"
  • kevin tweeted, "FFS. Ladies and Gentleman, the Daily bloody Mail."
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  • kevin tweeted, "I’ll be ordering this. Love Beto even more now."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins That’s awesome. Also, you have some amazing views from your house!"
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @X96 Congratulations mate. I must have missed you mentioning this previously. I would like to see it if I’m able?"
  • kevin tweeted, "What? This is kinda amazing."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins This is great news!"
  • kevin tweeted, "Want. Also, means of actually playing it. Which I suppose I should acquire first."
  • kevin tweeted, "@lmorchard Yeah, was kind of eye opening. These kids today."