Monday, May 10

  • kevin tweeted, "Both Star Wars Biomes and Vehicle Flythroughs on Disney+ are pretty great."
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @Slade: Probably seeing this headline"
  • kevin posted Up And Down Man
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @SoVeryBritish: Places you can "pop" 1. To the shops 2. To the loo 3. Next door (ah, memories!) 4. Out to get some petrol 5. Down the…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@soundstoryuk @duranduran Hold Back The Rain"

Saturday, May 08

  • kevin tweeted, "@ChrisShort @metacpan At $job yesterday. Perl code actively developed."
  • kevin posted Chair In The Air
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall @CambridgeUtdFC Some bloody great news in an otherwise meh Footie day."
  • kevin tweeted, "Oh Tottenham. But VAR offside decisions can fuck right off. VAR in general needs a major rethinking."

Friday, May 07

  • kevin tweeted, "With your New Gold Dream."
  • kevin tweeted, "@lawnmowerdeth That’s so good."
  • kevin tweeted, "My god surely this can’t be right. Saw them at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge on this tour."
  • kevin tweeted, "Goth week!"
  • kevin posted Just Kidding
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Type O Negative (31), Rosetta Stone (20), The March Violets (20)…"

Thursday, May 06

  • kevin tweeted, "Things I learned. Snooker player Steve Davis is a synth aficionado."
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall Amazing."
  • kevin posted Tension Shows

Wednesday, May 05

  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall No way. Brrrr. Did my eyes deceive me while watching highlights of the Man City v PSG game, there was snow?"
  • kevin tweeted, "Well that was nice sitting outside while working. Here’s to 6 months staying inside then."
  • kevin tweeted, "@mikeryan @jsnell It was very unjustly maligned when it came out. It’s a really good fun caper movie."
  • kevin tweeted, "@renagerie Oh wow, that I didn’t realize as I guess I still like doing things manually 😃. Curious bug though isn’…"
  • kevin tweeted, "The feature about iOS app updates I love the most, is when is says 2 updates, but you pull to refresh and 14 other…"
  • kevin posted Before It All Turned

Tuesday, May 04

  • kevin tweeted, "@SimonCunniffe Hahahaha. Wouldn’t that be something if Spurs were just the odd team he couldn’t get to perform. T…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall Laughing all the way to the bank. Bloody hell."
  • kevin tweeted, "That didn't take Mourinho long to land on his feet then."

Monday, May 03

  • kevin tweeted, "The synth bass on this is phenomenal. It’s my go to track for whenever I go “I wonder if these headphones are any…"