• kevin tweeted, "@waferbaby Thank you."
  • kevin tweeted, "Walks."
  • kevin tweeted, "Day after my Dad’s funeral. Standing room only. Touched by how many people came from far and wide. The Eulogy we…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Interpol (6), Electronic (4), Pet Shop Boys (4), Underworld (4)…"

Thursday, January 20

  • kevin tweeted, "@vectorpoem @internetarchive Quite how the @internetarchive,of all orgs, got bamboozled by the crypto bros peddling…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@C64Reloaded Also one of my favourite arcade games as a kid. The conversion was actually really solid."
  • kevin tweeted, "Lloris covering the length of the pitch to celebrate our third goal. Oh Captain my Captain."

Wednesday, January 19

Sunday, January 16

  • kevin tweeted, "@LD2 Thank you!"
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Thanks matey."
  • kevin tweeted, "Alright British Airways, let’s do this."

Saturday, January 15

  • kevin tweeted, "That after kiddo bedtime glass of red with my wife. Tomorrow I get on a plane bound for Blighty. Bittersweet."
  • kevin tweeted, "@dave_newton @timbray This. At least with cable it was one consistent UI. Now it’s a twisty maze of UI decisions…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Choices."
  • kevin tweeted, "I'm really really trying to like Book Of Boba Fett. But the drop in quality from The Mandalorian is striking."
  • kevin tweeted, "Arsenal don’t have enough players so the game gets postponed? If it were just Covid I’d understand. But AFCON, in…"

Friday, January 14

  • kevin tweeted, "Photographers know this as the golden hour. That light. That song. This band."
  • kevin tweeted, "@kapgar Yeah, an actual hardback book with pages and stuff. I like this reading lark, I think I'll continue."
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Tubeway Army (9), U2 (8), ABBA (7), Magazine (5) & Actors (4) vi…"