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  •  kevin tweeted, "@soundstoryuk @depechemode On first listen very promising. Before We Drown an early stand out."
  •  kevin tweeted, "@martymankins I think I’m going to reserve judgement until a few more listens in. But so far it’s way way more pro… https://t.co/8Dcv9Nv3OV"
  •  kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: P.V.A. (42), BDRMM (31), Sleaford Mods (29), THUS LOVE (23) & Je… https://t.co/HDqe0sFXHL"

 Thursday, March 23

  •  kevin tweeted, "The now. https://t.co/WR6yoetSmV"
  •  kevin tweeted, "Depeche Mode. Loud."
  •  kevin tweeted, "And by “tomorrow” I mean it’s out right now. Go listen to it kids."
  •  kevin tweeted, "Don’t forget, tomorrow is national new Depeche Mode album day. For those who celebrate."
  •  kevin tweeted, "@LEATHERSmusic @depechemode I KNOW!"
  •  kevin tweeted, "I'm sorry, you're going to do what now? Burn our entire county to the ground? Like, all of it? Or are you going… https://t.co/0bV9a1gcIl"
  •  kevin tweeted, "@SteveRattner @nytopinion Tell me you own commercial real estate without telling me you own commercial real estate."
  •  kevin tweeted, "RT @JoyceCarolOates: Where do ghosts go when they’ve had enough ?"
  •  kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @depechemode @AppleMusic Was really good. Zane Lowe is great. I also loved the Damon Albarn studio behind the scenes he did."
  •  kevin saved Is Working from Home Really Working?
  •  kevin posted Don’t Walk Away In Silence

 Wednesday, March 22

 Tuesday, March 21

  •  kevin tweeted, "@GundarkHunter @kapgar Same. @kapgar ?"
  •  kevin tweeted, "Doctor Mix has a lot of fun synth videos on YouTube. Here’s a deep dive into Jarre’s Synthesizer Masterpiece Equin… https://t.co/m1yY0DorD1"
  •  kevin saved DPReview is Shutting Down
  •  kevin tweeted, "@JakeRudh Their masterpiece."

 Monday, March 20

 Sunday, March 19

 Saturday, March 18

  •  kevin tweeted, "RT @shivswife: and if the kieran culkin bus kills the both of us"
  •  kevin tweeted, "Under Neon Loneliness https://t.co/y1pwwkhEaf"

 Friday, March 17

  •  kevin tweeted, "@_23au LOL at this dude. Napoli would spank us."