Saturday, September 19

Friday, September 18

  • kevin posted She
  • kevin tweeted, "What a shit year. Dammit."
  • kevin tweeted, "@soundstoryuk Some bloody great albums listed here!"
  • kevin tweeted, "@timbray @bradfitz Also +1 for The Expanse. Killing Eve and For All Mankind are worth watching. Ted Lasso is the…"
  • kevin posted We’re Just Waiting, Looking Skyward
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Doubting Thomas (54), Gang of Four (34), Kate Bush (32), Killing…"

Thursday, September 17

  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @iron_fist Hmm, I was gonna hold off until a 14.1 bug fix but maybe I'll give it a whirl later tonight."
  • kevin tweeted, "So every app has an update. Cool cool. Almost like iOS 14 came out today or something."
  • kevin tweeted, "Not a bad era for a box set eh @jaseyhall ?"
  • kevin tweeted, "Alright I’m just gonna say it, Ed Snowden sure likes to hear himself talk."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins Good lord has it really been three years?"
  • kevin posted Lift Me Up
  • kevin saved Panic - Nova

Wednesday, September 16

  • kevin posted Ziggy
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @JimMFelton: If they removed that ghaaaaastly paint I would be happy to pay hundreds of pounds to contract a deadly disease…"
  • kevin tweeted, "Refreshing news constantly for any Tottenham Gareth Bale updates."
  • kevin tweeted, "@davorg Yes, that’s the one!"

Tuesday, September 15

  • kevin tweeted, "What the shit?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@davorg The last time I was in there was Kraftwerk circa 1991?"
  • kevin tweeted, "@SimonCunniffe @jaseyhall I would do the same. But it seems 2020 wasn’t the year for me to get back into reading.…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@SimonCunniffe This is the way."
  • kevin tweeted, "@missbarbell Those are some bloody great albums."
  • kevin tweeted, "@AntonyJohnston Ugh, Noel is also in the anti mask camp with Ian Brown?"
  • kevin posted Solution, Not The Pollution
  • kevin tweeted, "RT @doyalikebaileys: i will never scuba dive. what fish do down there is none of my business."
  • kevin tweeted, "@jaseyhall @SimonCunniffe Oh nice! You read it yet? Any good?"

Monday, September 14

  • kevin tweeted, "@buzztronics Europa And The Pirate Twins!"
  • kevin posted The Night Out There
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @marilynmanson Ohhh, I know what I’m listening to today. Thanks matey."
  • kevin posted Illuminati

Sunday, September 13