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  • kevin posted Motorcycle Emptiness

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  • kevin tweeted, "Loved Diamonds by The Birthday Massacre on,"
  • kevin tweeted, "To be honest, I’d never even heard of Zoom before. And then the past two weeks happened."
  • kevin saved Google cancels its infamous April Fools’ jokes this year
  • kevin tweeted, "@tapbot_paul It got me in the feels. They really stuck the landing. Can’t wait for next season."
  • kevin tweeted, "@notallbhas @rob_sheridan 25M > 0M though. Glass half full and all that."
  • kevin tweeted, "This town is coming like a ghost town."
  • kevin posted Hope We Can Again
  • kevin saved Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border
  • kevin tweeted, "Star Trek Picard season finale stuck the landing. Really enjoyed it all."
  • kevin tweeted, "@martymankins @renagerie @zoom_us At my job we use both Slack and Google Meet for video calls."
  • kevin tweeted, "@MrTangent Ha! Some things once seen, cannot be unseen 😃 And yeah I’ve been going through a lot of the soundtrack…"
  • kevin tweeted, "@MrTangent Ha. If you find out lemme know as it’s kinda cool looking. Let’s go Amish for 2020."
  • kevin tweeted, "Who did I listen to most this week? #lastfm says: Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (60), Nine Inch Nails (34), R…"

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