Buying A Missile Silo

You know how you can fall down a wikipedia/youtube rabbit hole. And before you know it you've become incredibly engaged in something you didn't even know was a thing?

So yeah, tonight, if we wanted to, we could buy an old Nuclear Missile Silo.

I started watching this guy's first couple videos and before you know it had watched all of them. Fascinating stuff. I was so invested in his progress that I found myself going "oh just one more, I have to see how they solve the leaking water problem".


I’m Over You

The b-side from INXS's What You Need wasn’t an album filler track. Instead a newly recorded synth affair performed entirely by Jon Farriss.

When Michael Hutchence died, they should have made Jon the singer. You really have to pay attention to hear it’s not Michael singing this. So good.

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