Old Man Yells At Cloud

Just how are you getting on with your Apple Bluetooth Mouse you didn't ask. So I'll tell you, I love it. Of the many mice I've used over the years it is by far and away the best one. I've had it for years and you can pry it from my cold dead hands.

But oh boy, Bluetooth, how does it work? My favorite part is when I get into my office in the morning, open my laptop and the mouse decides not to work. Even though it worked for days, even though it worked flawlessly the day before, today something lost its mind. Something in all the Bluetooth plumbing just went NOPE, NOT GONNA.

As fun as re-pairing my Mac to the mouse is, it's 5 mins of my life I'm never getting back. Especially as it won't even recognize the mouse is there unless I turn it off and then back on again. Isn't this 2017? Shouldn't this "just work"?

4 responses to “Old Man Yells At Cloud”

  1. jake says:

    This happens with my phone and my car. I can go a week and everything is great, then everything forgets it ever knew each other and I have to pair it all again.

  2. kapgar says:

    My car has never been a problem unless I start the engine with BT turned off on my phone. Then I have to re-select my phone on the car's display.

    My BT mouse and keyboard are something else altogether. I have found that I have to turn the mouse on prior to booting the laptop and it works far more often than not.