For the last 21 years the United States has been home. I love living here and at this point in my life I can't picture living anywhere else.

Guns and gun laws utterly baffle me though. I dunno, maybe it's the Englishman in me still finding the entire concept of gun ownership bizarre? I'll not forget my Dad's reaction the first time I took him to the firearms section of a local "outdoor sports" shop.

Wait, you mean you can actually buy these?

You'd think, really think, that the laws would change as a result of each mass shooting event. They don't. Politicians stand and watch offering thoughts and prayers as children are murdered in the safety of their schools.

Because that will help.

It's all heartbreaking really. But I'm encouraged to see the Stoneman Douglas students taking a stand. The NRA really have something to answer for here.

2 responses to “Baffled”

  1. kapgar says:

    The NRA needs to be brought to its knees.