By now you've probably seen the new Solo trailer. The internet sums it up best as this movie is probably going to be terrible but DONALD GLOVER AMAZEBALLS. To which I'll have to take their word on it as I don't know who Donald Glover is.

I like the fact there are going to be non-Skywalker movies set in the Star Wars universe. Rogue One was very very good indeed and proved you could tell a good story with new characters. So I'm hopeful this Han Solo origins movie will follow suit. Alden Ehrenreich has some big shoes to fill mind.

4 responses to “Solo”

  1. kapgar says:

    I’m worried about Solo as well for many many reasons. And while I’m not as gung-ho as the web about Donald Glover (I’ve never seen him act, just rap), I still think he’ll be the shining light in the movie. But some of that is just because Lando is such an amazing character and I relish his time on screen.

    • kevin says:

      Heh, and in my quest to find out who Donald Glover is, I see he's Childish Gambino. To which I've often wondered who/what that was. Nice. So this old man doesn't have to wave his cane at the kids anymore.

    • kevin says:

      Oh, and because I watched The Martian again yesterday, I realized I have seen Donald Glover before because he's in it.

  2. martymankins says:

    I think we are in agreement here on the Solo movie. And given both of us really liked Rogue One, I have a feeling both of us will really like Solo.