Quality Not Quantity

For a few days I decided to consume less Twitter. And you know what, it wasn't bad. Life went on. Twitter "the experience" hadn't felt quite right for months. Taking a break for a few days and coming back to it I immediately knew what the problem was. Political Twitter had become exhausting.

I'll admit I've officially reached peak Trump fatigue. I don't want to wade through all the outrage retweets. I just don't want to read about it anymore full stop. Any change you make in your life should be for the positive and make you happy. And so, I took a hatchet to political Twitter and unfollowed the entire echo chamber.

What remains are all the things I enjoy reading. And that's what it should be about anyway.

2 responses to “Quality Not Quantity”

  1. kapgar says:

    Damn. You unfollowed me, didn’t you?

    • Kevin says:

      Of course, yours was the first one to go.

      No, just news anchors and full on political commentators who don't post anything else but that. Those got the heave-ho.