The Sun And The Rainfall

A thunderstorm rolled through last night. A few flashes of lighting to begin with, followed by thunder and wind. The heavens absolutely opened shortly thereafter and we got ALL the rain as far as I could tell.

It was just delightful. We're having some extreme heat this summer. A couple of our trees are having a hard time even with deep root watering. Thankful the lemon tree got a nice extra long drink. The desert just smells so great after a thunderstorm. Savored every minute standing outside taking in deep breaths.

Of course our back yard is a neighborhood debris magnet. So it was a different story this morning once I could see how much I was going to have to clear up. But we'll take it.

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It's hot.

After being out of town in a significantly milder climate for a couple weeks, flew back into Sky Harbor airport on Sunday. Feels like an oven. Which it does every year to be fair – this is the desert southwest after all. But something's a little different this year, for we just broke the record for number of days in a row over 110° F.

Please, if you can spare it, send some left over rain or clouds to this sandland of ours.


Super Bowl

You may have heard that the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. And it's here in our fair city. Well, it's in Glendale to be fair, and we used to live in walking distance of the stadium before we moved into Phoenix proper.

As you can imagine it's the only thing the local news is talking about. There are "NFL experience" events all over town, concerts, and visitors. Drove past one of the smaller public airports this morning, the private jets of the rich and famous are already arriving and parked.

This is my one "football" game I watch a year. I don't have a horse in the race obviously so just hoping for a decent game. The fun of it is really going to see friends and the odd frosty beverage while the game is on TV.

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Phoenix This Very Winter

When the never ending summer has day after day of the same weather you yearn for something, anything, that's just different. Variety, after all, is the spice of life. And we Phoenix residents are a funny bunch. We're never more happy when clouds appear over the mountains, even happier when they deliver rain.

So at this time of the year it's nice to be…cold. It's been bitterly cold here in the mornings every day this week. Like, see your breath and make sure your plants are covered, cold. My car's dashboard pinged a 'low temperature outside' warning as we hit 32°F driving to school.

There's just something about being able to wear a coat, sip hot Americanos, and breath in that crisp air.

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What happened was, a cricket got into a vent pipe on our roof. And is now stuck somewhere in the ceiling of the bathroom around the extractor fan. Which is about as fun as it sounds. So loud for one so smorl Mr Cricket.

Options: (a) move (b) take apart extractor fan housing and try to rescue the bugger (c) wait it out because how long could he last?

We're on day three.

UPDATE: well, bless him, he lasted another two days. That sound we hear is NO MORE CRICKET. Glorious.

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The house next door sold and yesterday our new neighbors started moving in. Trying to get the balance right between giving them breathing room to settle in, and leaving it far too late to introduce ourselves. As you do.

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Without a doubt, a passing that has hit me the most. Depeche Mode wrote the soundtrack to my youth.

Alison Moyet today on Twitter:

I have just heard the news. Since we were 10. Same estate. Class mates to label mates. He who kept faith with all the old gang and they with him. It doesn't compute. Fletch. I have no words.


Very sad to read that Vangelis has passed away. An absolute legend of electronic composition. What a body of work. I had to put on the Blade Runner soundtrack this afternoon, and then just bask in his back catalogue.

Jean-Michel Jarre today on Twitter.

Dear Vangelis,
We will all remember your unique touch and your moving melodies forever.
You & I have always shared the same passion for synthesizers and electronic music since so long…
May you Rest In Peace,

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