My Favorite Flickr Groups

Flickr still exists! You'll find me uploading photos at least a couple times a day. The place seems just as vibrant and engaging as it ever did.

Flickr groups is where the site still shines. Here are a few of my daily must visits. Clearly I still have much to learn, these folks are amazing.

Catchy Colors. As the name implies, these are the photos that pop with color. Saturation heavy and quite wonderful.

Vanishing Points. Think Piers reaching out to sea, straight roads in the desert stretching for miles. I could look at these all day.

Sunset Light. Truly the best time of the day.

The Skies Above. Sunsets, and sky, and clouds. Oh my.

Less Is More. Minimalism at its finest.

Black And White. Because I've never met a black and white photo I didn't like.

2 responses to “My Favorite Flickr Groups”

  1. kapgar says:

    Yeah, it still exists and I still pay for it (now that I have to again) but I really don’t do much with it. Probably because my photography is shit.

    • kevin says:

      Don't sell yourself short. You've got some excellent shots on Flickr still. The Stormin' Norman group shots were a lot of fun to do!