Consciousness Catch-up

Things that should have been Tweets, yet weren't, but stayed in my head nonetheless.

• Man those early Simple Minds albums are so good. Sons And Fascination and Sister Feelings Call just sublime.

• Apple TV+ has some pretty great shows you should watch. Severance, The Shrink Next Door, Ted Lasso, Silo, Foundation, The Essex Serpent, Slow Horses, Shrinking.

• A round up of other TV shows worth your time. The Peripheral, Wednesday, 1899, The Last Of Us, Black Sails, Beef, Hunters, Outer Range, From, Night Sky.

• I'm suffering from Marvel fatigue. It's the only thing I can think of why all of a sudden the thought of watching the TV shows or movies makes me go meh. I might be missing out on some gems by not watching anything since Loki. But I just can't bring myself to watch them.

• I found my old Dr Martens boots the other day. Nostalgia of the olden goth years. I mean, I still have a thousand black t-shirts, that's never changing but they're the grown up ones.

• After trying both Mastodon and Bluesky, I keep getting drawn back to Twitter. A cesspool of a service undoubtedly made worse by Musk certainly, but everyone I like following is still there. And lo, you go (or stay) where the people are.

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  1. kapgar says:

    I'm on Marvel overload as well, but not for everything. I will always watch new Spider-Man content in any form and I'm looking forward to Kraven the Hunter coming out later this year. But I'm on the fence with The Marvels and don't care one iota about Secret Wars. I missed so much of phase 4 that I didn't even realize we had already stepped into phase 5.

    You always seem to rediscover your Docs about once every two or three years. Why ever put them away?

    I'm still on Twitter and use it very occasionally. I tried Mastodon but don't get it and I've never heard of Bluesky. Is that where Twitter birds fly?

    • kevin says:

      Yeah, I dunno, initially like everyone else I enjoyed all of the Marvel things. But then there…was…so…much. And characters I found I didn't really care much about? And it's all passed me by, and you know, I'm ok with that. There are so many good TV shows these days it's impossible to watch them all.